RANT#2: Do Me A Favour..Call Me ‘Nice’ One More Time…


“Nice Guys Finish Last”

A statement without a definitive meaning.

The only people oblivious to the obvious truths about this statement are women themselves. They continually announce that they just want a nice guy in their lives. When in actuality, a nice guy may be considered a remedy for their broken hearts. A temporary fix to the pain they feel when the ‘jerks’ hurt them..
There is always a great deal of palaver in relation to the statement…

Women advocating that nice guys are what they want, and that they tired of assholes.

Men advocating that being the nice guy, gets you nowhere near where you want to be.

What girls really want and where they end up with are two different things. It seems apparent but neither men or women learn that we dont always get what we want or necessarily need what we want.

The appeal for the ‘jerks’ is that they are interesting, and even when they are pissing you off and hurting you… they’re on your mind. These types of guys present a challenge, women believe they can change these guys, mould them in their image of a man. They enjoy the edginess that these guys provide, so no matter what happens they’re always on a females mind. women subconsciously develop a strange attraction and they find themselves unwilling to break free of this hold, because off the unpredictability of what could become of these types of men. As this pattern seems to repeat itself over and over girls realize it, and complain about it.

 Nothing changes. For a woman to go out of her way and notice a nice guy there needs to be an extreme situation that causes them to look for something different. This change in interest arises for them when they have exhausted their emotions on the males they find more appealing.

 Most girls would argue, and say I have been with ‘jerks’ and I am over that. Really they just go find another jerk hiding underneath different skin. The ‘jerks and ‘nice guys’ provide a balance for the emotions of a female. ‘Jerks’ being the thrill and excitement… ‘Nice Guys’ being the refill for the ego.

 The truth is nice guys end up being the best friend type of guy to most women, someone to keep around because they make women feel good about themselves. Nice guys can make women feel like there is hope for them for a prince charming. They tend to overlook what’s in front of them, and give in to their desires. Nice guys tend to be stagnant for women, they are often predictable… “what you see is what you get” 

 Even to this extent you will have men who hear the words ‘nice’ and cringe knowing that the possible outcomes of that particular situation they want have ended or will ultimately end in the friendship zone. Women defend themselves and maintain, that they want a nice guy in their lives, all the time avoiding the truth of the matter being..its just not you…where the famous line could be used…”its not you its me!”

On the flipside ‘nice guys’ set themselves up sometimes, their willingness to be attentive and be the opposite of the jerk, makes them a target for women. Women will walk all over these type of ‘nice guys’. The sad reality is once most guy end up in this cycle it is difficult for them to change their ways. The same way it is difficult for a female to wean themselves off from ‘jerks’.


One response to “RANT#2: Do Me A Favour..Call Me ‘Nice’ One More Time…

  • Brittany

    You have one mistake in your work – you use “women” when what you mean is “girls”. Girls who are not connected to their true selves get caught up in chasing ‘boys’ who will hurt them as they don’t feel they are worthy of anything else. Real women always end up with the nce guy – even if they have to go through being a ‘girl’ for a while. Some girls never become women – but it is important to know the different. Just as important as the distinction between men and boys. Like Lyfe Jennings says – some fellas live in never, never, land

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